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Sasuke x Naruto ask blog!


Anonymous asked: omg i thought the long ponytail was a rattail xD

more like a mulleto 

scorpling replied to your post: @o-taiyou i just need him to not wear…

with a long ponytail looks like Izuna without the lips. I don’t think Kishi will do that

all the uchiha look exactly the same tbh like whatever the design is, i hope it’s something a little different than what we’ve seen so far. (coughsidecutcough)

Anonymous asked: petition to send your sasuke concepts to kishimoto


Anonymous asked: I love Naruto's new hair and I love it even more in your style (also it's so cool that you're hanging out with us today lol)

thank you!! haha yeaah suddenly i have free time and his haircut has turned my world upside down i need to vent with my peeps 

@o-taiyou i just need him to not wear the first out fit. the hoodie is okay though he looks like he’s dtw in a laundry mat bathroom

and sasuke…i see him just getting more feminine as he gets older???????? must just be me

@narusasu-simblr long hair sasuke needs a pony tail imo and oh a bun or a take on the traditional mage bun thingy??? IDK 

i’m in favor of a freaking sidecut

or just shave it all off, get a buzzcut/ don’t let naruto’s hair take the spotlight, sasuke, top him!

as long as the middle part stays dead forever i will be happy

awitchesbrew asked: I think naruto's hair is cute! I think the most important thing is that they're saying in the new movie he will have the expression of an adult and a toned body but I know it's gonna contrast with him still be a cute idiot tbh haha! Like the first hokage!

i agree with this, like i am so stoked about his older bod and face and stuff. tbh i think 80% of my issue is with his first outfit (not the hoodie one) it’s so awful lmao

Anonymous asked: i think he looks hotter with short hair especially on your art!

oh snap thank you

Anonymous asked: I really don't like the hair but I'm more concerned as to why he has his name on his ass instead of 'Property of Uchiha Sasuke' or something like that

i’m sure he has a pair of those tucked away somewhere too. right next to the assless chaps 

myheatoppressedbrain asked: tbh i don't really care about narutos hair (its a bit weird andi wouldn't of done it but i don't really care) im more concerned with the fact naruto has his own name on his ass

IKR WTF LITERALLY WHY god naruto is getting trashy like he’s gonnna have a pair that say ‘juicy’ next jfc