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Sasuke x Naruto ask blog!


heey everyone

sorry for it being so dead around here, lately my days are busy from 6am til 6pm so it’s been kinda hard to update. i only have another week of this madness though and i’ll try and post a little something in the few days. also, still working on the doujin omg it’s taking so much longer than i thought it would i’m so sorry but i promise it will be worth the wait. 

Anonymous asked: Hello! I absolutely love your blog and was wondering if you had any tips/advice for people starting their own ask blogs?

aw thank you!

try not to be too ooc, keep your writing legible (i need to follow this) and just have fun! at the end of the day it’s just sharing your love for the characters and how you interpret them and their relationships. some people will love your portrayals and some will maybe see them differently and thats okay.
just do your best and enjoy it 

Anonymous asked: Hello! I would like to ask you on your opinion on Naruto chapter 685, if thats okay. Also i love your blog!

i think sasuke is going to have one hell of a sunburn and i find it hilarious 

and thank you!

Anonymous asked: HIII! do you have a certain day for that narusasu doujin to be released on this lovely blog?? We're all waiting for it! :D

waah sorry no i haven’t been able to work on it as much as i planned, between commissions and me starting school again full time on monday i’m gonna be even busier so setting a date will be a challenge

i have weekends off so i’ll still be updating the blog but as far as the doujin goes, i dunno when it’ll be finished T n T im so sorry, i’ll keep trying!! 

took a little break but the sasunarus shall commence again soon

Anonymous asked: The sasunaru fandom is so lucky to have you!!!

idk about that but thank you~

Anonymous asked: Hooray for the narusasu doujin!!! I cant wait for it!! :D

thaanks!! oh snap now it’s getting overhyped tho cos i’m making people wait i hope its good enough to make up for it

Anonymous asked: how long did it take for you to be the good drawer you are today? and what do you suggest people who cannot draw, for example, the human body? Speaking of myself, I cannot draw human bodies, which sucks because I REALLY WANT TO DRAW. ahhh

you give me too much credit, i’m so messy with everything i draw omg

i’ve been drawing seriously for like four years, i just started practicing as much as i could just drawing bodies and poses from different references from gesture drawing sites and using tutorials from art blogs

Anonymous asked: So do you ship anything else besides sasunaru ? Sasunaru has been my ship since shippuden but not in a sexual way but more like cute couple type . Hahaha

i also ship kakuhida hardcore like i would make an askblog of them if i could

naruhina,sasukarin, shikatema, saisaku, narugaa, and of course minakushi