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Sasuke x Naruto ask blog!


Anonymous asked: quietly sobs at this blog's perfection

quietly sobs at your kind words

Anonymous asked: you do realize you're the best thing that ever happened to the sasunarusasu fandom aside from kishimoto drawing the manga in the first place, right? right? thought you should know

what the wahat

Anonymous asked: I really love how you draw these two. Not only the sexy parts, it's more their daily life and you give them so much sweet things. Or more you give them somehow the life. These cute acts and how they love each other. I don't know how you do it, but you are just doing it and I love it ;u; Please never abondon this fandom. I am sucking up every piece of art made by you like paper in water ;u;!

thank you!!! this is so nice ugh i cannot ask for anything more than this, it’s what i try to accomplish when i draw them so thank yoou soo much!!! 

Anonymous asked: does anyone know what sasuke is talking about half the time? does sasuke even know what hes talking about?


i had to come check my inbox cos i knew there would be people excited i was correct lol

like damn our ship may not make endgame but we shure have a lot of content its like we’re the teachers pet 

Anonymous asked: I love your pics of their computers. But somehow I can't stop imagining, that Sasuke's "Clean" computer has many secrets hidden. Or some porn on it where you need a password. I mean it's SO SUPER tidy!!! haha! :D

he keeps his porn and nudes buried in a folder somewhere deep within his layers of organized files
and the way he clears his browsing history regularly is hiighly suspect

sasuke you aint foolin no one

mihashichan asked: Is that Karin and Naruto (in the picture ok Naruto's wall)?!?! That is like my dream interaction. Can they acknowledge they are both Uzumakis!? Hahah, anyways I love the contrast between their desk spaces. Sasuke is soooo neat!

yuup i figured naruto would want a picture with his favorite cousin

and thanks!

Anonymous asked: I love you and your blog. You are God sent for me because I am a HUGE narusasunaru fan, I have been one for years. Your artwork, the way you make Naruto and Sasuke interact. Omfg everything is perfect, no matter how many times I say thank you for all you do I feel like it will never be enough but THANK YOU!!!

uwaah no no thank you yall are the reason i keep shipping and stay inspired you guys are awesome

Anonymous asked: Hi! Do you have any other blogs? This blog and your art style are just soooo cute I can't get enough of it

thank you so much!

i have a doodle blog

also gonna start putting doodle dumps on twitter

and my dA

..i’m like everywhere