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Sasuke x Naruto ask blog!


Anonymous asked: Are you going to draw Sasuke now that we havê the design his for the movie? I'm excited to see this coming from you!

*muffled laughing/crying in the distance*

Anonymous asked: sorry to bother you, but i think there may be something wrong with your theme. it might just be on my computer but I thought I should let you know in case there is an actual problem. thanks!

hmm i’m on it rn and it seems fine. if anyone else is having any problems with it let me know and i’ll change it or something

Anonymous asked: Is this blog going to continue after Naruto ends? Please say yes because if this blog ends along with Naruto how am I even going to cope? :( Also, I love your blog so much you don't understand.


i’ll be in the guinness book of world records for oldest naruto blogger 

beneath-the-milky-twilight asked: Did you really teach yourself how to draw?!! You're now my ultimate role model!! I've been trying to teach myself how to draw for a very long time and I almost gave up until I found out that you self taught yourself!! You gave me hope!! Thank you!!

aw thats so nice, thank you! yep completely self taught, it wasn’t until 2010 that i started to actually take drawing a little more seriously. i started trying to get better instead of staying in my comfort zone and i got a dA account and learned how to take and apply constructive criticism. 

ok here are some old ass naruto drawings from before i started practicing, you have my permission to laugh

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Anonymous asked: I love your art, your ship, you. wanna marry me baby?

thank you but i don’t think u can marry trash legally idk the laws where u live

Anonymous asked: have you gone to an art school or are you a self taught artist?

self taught

how 2 draw mango books ftw

Anonymous asked: can i have itachi or kakashi in an apron? you know the pink ones with laces and a big fat heart in a middle. :)

i actually did draw itachi in an apron 

Anonymous asked: HEY YOU! YOU DONT POST MUCH ANYMORE AND YOU KNOW WHAT?!?! That is totally fine! You work really hard and if you are in a slump or don't have enough time that is perfectly alright! Take your time and create stuff you are proud of you fucking weeb. Have a wonderful day and stay awesome.

oh snap this is so sweet, thanks!!! damn i appreciate this so much rn